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Caplan & Ross, LLP in New York, New York, is a well known and respected law firm specializing in representing clients in and associated with the entertainment industry, as well as in general commercial disputes.

At Caplan & Ross, LLP, we address our clients' needs with sensitivity and innovative thinking. Our attorneys have a long track record of successfully representing clients in entertainment, intellectual property, and commercial litigation cases. Our clients include significant entertainment and sports figures, respected commercial enterprises, and family-owned businesses.

While sometimes lawsuits are unavoidable, we often help our clients stave off litigation through dispute resolution and settlement negotiations. Whether in court or before other forums, we take a pragmatic approach designed to forge solutions so our clients can focus on their crafts and get back to doing what they do best.

We advocate on behalf of clients in disputes involving:

• Copyright Infringement
• Trademark Infringement
• Breach of Contract Claims
• Partnerships and closely held corporations

• Royalty and Licensing Agreements
• Royalty Accountings
• Defamation Actions
• General Businsess Issues


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